25th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers

The keynote theme of the 25th EAHM congress explicitly states what is at stake today in the management of hospitals: “ Health sector – our responsibility for the people”. The primary issues are the responsible management of patients and resources, social developments such as an ageing population, the increasing mobility of patients within Europe, and not least, the implementation and financing of innovations, the reorganisation of processes in the clinics, personnel development, and quality management.

In this respect, hospital management in all the member countries of the European Association of Hospital Managers are faced with similar challenges:
The cost pressure faced by many clinic enterprises continues to grow. Thus the necessity of modernising, optimising processes, and investing also continues to grow.

Healthcare has become a media theme. Patients today are well informed. They demand innovative medicine, expect comprehensive information on treatment options, now know a lot about medical technology, and not least, want more service.

Health insurance companies desire more transparency with respect to the quality of services, and naturally, the hospitals are also competing amongst themselves to provide the best quality.

People in Europe are now living longer. This is leading to changed demands on medicine and care, altered occupational profiles and job descriptions, calling for new personnel development concepts.

All hospitals must respond to this challenge. If not, they will no longer be able to meet their responsibility of providing high quality care for patients. They need partners for this – other hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and physicians in private practices, care facilities, but also companies in the industry, in the service sector, and consulting.

The issue at stake is the healthcare industry’s common responsibility for people!

Congresses of the European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM)

  • 1st Congress 1976 - Strasbourg, France
  • 2nd Congress 1978 - Bruges, Belgium
  • 3rd Congress 1979 - Barcelona, Spain
  • 4th Congress 1982 - Klagenfurt, Austria
  • 5th Congress 1984 - Porto, Portugal
  • 6th Congress 1986 - Hamburg, Germany
  • 7th Congress 1988 - Vienna, Austria
  • 8th Congress 1990 - Reykjavik, Iceland
  • 9th Congress 1991 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 10th Congress 1992 - Strasbourg, France
  • 11th Congress 1993 - Barcelona, Spain
  • 12th Congress 1994 - Berlin, Germany
  • 13th Congress 1995 - Brussels, Belgium
  • 14th Congress 1996 - Tampere, Finland
  • 15th Congress 1997 - Paris, France
  • 16th Congress 1998 - Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 17th Congress 1999 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • 18th Congress 2000 - Opatija, Croatia
  • 19th Congress 2002 - Kraków, Poland
  • 20th Congress 2004 - Oslo, Norway
  • 21st Congress 2006 - Dublin, Ireland
  • 22nd Congress 2008 - Graz, Austria
  • 23rd Congress 2010 - Zurich, Switzerland
  • 24th Congress 2013 - Luxembourg, Luxembourg



German Association of Hospital Managers (VKD)
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Congress Presidents

  • Heinz Kölking
    President of EVKD e.V.
  • Dr. Josef Düllings
    President of VKD e.V. 

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